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Lincolnshire Rape Crisis

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By Women For Women

We understand how much bravery it takes to even consider sharing your experience of sexual violence. We are here to listen to you and to believe you. We know how enormous the impact of rape, abuse and childhood sexual abuse can be and how this can affect every aspect of your life. We are here to provide support, in our women only space, to help reduce the impact of such an experience and to help reduce the impact of such an experience and to help you regain control of your life.

Our Women's Centre is a Women Only Space

Women and girls tell us that a women only space is important to them. That they feel safe and reassured by having a women only space. We only employ women at Lincolnshire Rape Crisis which means all of our team including all volunteer support workers are women. When you're ready to come and see us, speak to us on the phone or email us you'll always be seeing or speaking to a woman. We do work with men and boys but this is in a separate building. Our services for women and girls are separate to our services for men and boys.

Men & Boys

We recognise that men and boys experience, are effected and are at risk of rape and sexual violence. In response to this we aim to support the needs of male survivors of sexual violence and offer men support in an appropriate space, separate from our women's services. Our trained support staff will always make you feel welcome, won't judge you and will always believe you. We believe in empowerment, which means that you will always be in control of the support that you receive.

The Men's Room

The Men's Room is based in Lincoln at our head office and is a safe and comfortable meeting space that is separate to our women and girls service. We also meet with men and boys at approved safe venues across Lincolnshire.

For more information, please visit the website.

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