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A Platform To Talk

In 2018, Phil Merrison established a business "A Platform to talk ". The aim being to assist employers and employees to manage mental health within the workforce.

He said “Let's work together to break down stigma and barriers surrounding mental health " which he did but it was Phil himself who was the platform to talk. He was very open about his own struggles. He used his personal experience to inspire and educate others about the cruel illness that is mental illness. He encouraged people to talk and despite his own continued battle he was always there to help others.

It is unbelievably sad that he lost his own fight on his way to finding his peace.

He struggled terribly with his mental health but he loved life. He seized every moment of happiness and he brought laughter into many people's lives.

In 2020, Phils business ‘A Platform to Talk’ closed following his death. With Phil in mind, and inspired by him, we set-up a mental health group in Phils Memory in the same name as his business. Please use our group as a platform to talk… in loving memory of Phil Merrison, father, son, partner, friend, triathlete, runner and all-round a fantastic human being.

The aim of our group is;

1. To promote the awareness of mental ill health issues, to help people dealing with poor mental health and prevent suicide including but not exclusively by;

a) The provision of an on-line peer social media group

b) The provision of on-line and physical community events such as walks or group meeting and providing resources to enable sufferers to find professional, affordable and accessible help

c) The delivery of Mental Health 1st Aid within the local community of North East Lincolnshire

d) Funding for the provision of Mental Health counselling support

2. To advance the education of the public in mental health by raising awareness, promoting understanding and challenging stigma and discrimination, including the provision of training which promotes the understanding of mental health. 

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